Red Feather Community Chest
(Akai Hane Kyodo Bokin)
Dedicated Texas Instruments Japan, Ltd.
Donation Site

Red Feather Community Chest is a “making-your-community-better” funding system which supports various local welfare activities for individuals, such as the elderly, those with physically/mentally challenged, children. Your contribution will enable the projects make your community a better place and take care of the needy in your community.

Contribution period: Monday, November 13 – Friday, December 1, 2023
If you would like to make a difference in your community, please go to the English donation site, select “Red Feather Community Chest”(Akai Hane Kyodo Bokin)as your intending donation program. Be sure to indicate “Texas Instruments Japan” in the message field. Your contribution will be counted as a donation from Texas Instruments Japan employee. (The same matter will NOT apply from outside the website.)
Please also indicate in the message filed if you have:
1.Preferred prefecture or city/town/village in Japan
2.Preferred use listed below, please specify (choose ONE.)
  ●People with disabilities
  ●Volunteers and NGO’s (Non-Profit Organizations)

*Only credit card payment is acceptable.


Use of Contribution

Generosities to Red Feather Community Chest(Akai Hane Kyodo Bokin)make numerous welfare projects, such as facilities for children with disability or children in need, study support for young victims of poverty. We reserve one portion of the contribution annually as a disaster preparation fund. It is used as subsidies to open and manage local volunteer centers for immediate disaster aids at the time of catastrophe and recovery support for the welfare facilities. 

For further information for Red Feather Community Chest (Akai Hane Kyodou Bokin ) in 47 prefectures, click here (Japanese only.)