Community Chest is helping solve problems faced by our society.

2015 Donations Grants Operational Costs
¥18.5 billion ¥16.1 billion ¥2.4 billion

Below are examples of our support of the community in 2015:

Theme Activities Supported organizations Supported people Total grant
Prevention of bullying Hotlines, PR, education activities 154 553,662 ¥53,1 million
Prevention of child abuse Seminars, support for orphanages 687 616,864 ¥228,5 million
Support for homeless people Provision of food, emergency response to low-income households 73 99,379 ¥16,1 million
Prevention of suicides Hotline, meetings for bereaved families 60 184,671 ¥26,9 million
Support for crime victims Training for supporters/consultants, brochures for victims 18 777,763 ¥11,3 million
Support for truant children Free schools, support for parents’ meetings 80 67,830 ¥18 million
Prevention of DV, victims support Shelters, self-reliance/employment support activities 44 2,993 ¥21.6 million
Support for disaster victims, disaster prevention Support for earthquake evacuees, food distribution training 1,740 2,772,292 ¥579,2 million
Support for needy people Foodbank, educational support for children 1,225 617,958 ¥888,8 million


Besides nationwide Red Feather Community Chest activities, the CCCJ operates the two funds below:

Community Impact Fund
  • Support NPOs and associations that tackle nationwide social issues
Volsup Kyushu Fund
  • Supports volunteers and NPOs working for the victims of the Great Kumamoto Earthquakes of April 2016
Red Feather Community Chest
  • Various welfare activities in the community
  • General assignment to areas in need (e.g. children, handicapped, aged)